Ode to Winter

by gillis

You are like a party guest who had too much to drink,

Overstayed their welcome,

Made boorish and rude comments to all the other guests,

Broke into the wine cellar and drank all the good stuff then

Trashed the parlor,

Spewed hatred and vitriol,

Staggered around, too wasted to leave

We had to put you up for the night

Then you sprained an ankle, couldn’t move

Laid up day after day

Week after week

You seemed strong enough to move on

We prepared for you to take your leave of us

Then you fell down the stairs

And apparently broke every

Bone in your body 

We redecorated the guest room for you

Bought all of your favorite foods

In the hope that you would recover

Not sue us for negligence

And eventually move on

And still 

Here you are

Don’t you have anywhere else to go?