Remembering 9/11

It was a difficult way for a baby to enter the world – with two idiot parents who consented to a c-section delivery only when it became clear that the baby would not live to see the world if they didn’t. After that things got sketchy for a bit when the baby wasn’t latching and kept losing weight rather than gaining. The hospital stay seemed to drag on, seemed much longer than 5 days, but at 7 pm on September 10th, the new little family departed the brick building and drove, at 20 mph, towards their new life together. After a night filled with feedings and changes, the family was sound asleep into the morning until a phone call awoke them. Friends telling them to turn the television on. And they did. And they sat glued to the television, trying to comprehend what was happening in their sleep-deprived stupor, but it was incomprehensible so they wept. Fat, hot tears splashed on the baby’s head as she nursed, the parents aghast at the world they had brought this child into, at what might lie in store for her.