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Month: January, 2013

Winter’s Here Baby

Bitter cold wind


in my throat

keep me

from telling you

just what I’m thinking

right now.

Curling into myself

I hide,


as best I can.

Whatever hideous words

I’d weave

can wait

for the thaw.


One Little Word

I like the idea of framing the new year with a word. I’ve never been one for resolutions in January, January is the depressing slush-filled puddle left by December and I spend most of the month searching for a rag big enough to mop up the debris. September always feels more like the new year for me, and that’s when I set some personal and professional goals. By January I see how miserably I’ve failed at the September objectives, and I’m too raw and sensitive to try again so soon. By all means, let my spare tire expand into monster truck proportions. And pile high the papers left unread. Just put them next to the laundry where they can get all friendly-like in their mutual neglect. That sounds about like January feels.

I do like the idea of giving 2013 its own lens though. One word to keep in mind as I trudge, skip, and bounce along this new calendar. A mantra of sorts. But what word should I choose? Which One Little Word should be my guide for this year? ┬áIt has to be a strong one, something that can stand up to my favorites – like Isolate and Avoid. It should be something I can tolerate for 12 months without wanting to kick it down a flight of stairs, so those Oprah-esque choices Gratitude and Engage can pack their bags and wait for a kinder, gentler year. Seasonal choices like Joy and Believe might want to snuggle up in a holiday container as well because once the holiday bling fades, January looks about as much like December as I resemble Kim Kardashian.

Today I went so far as to query folks on facebook about what words they’d choose to represent their 2013. How would they want to see their year unfold? The responses were thoughtful, funny, lovely. ┬áIncluding reboot, upgrade, reframe, love, new, fresh, matter, possibilities, crazy, bacon (we’re working on getting help for him), and hope. I enjoyed reading them -and was thrilled not to see things that might make my skin crawl the way lots of my online exchanges did during the election season. Still, I didn’t find a word that suits me in this moment. Not that I’m going to let that stop me. I’m not stopping. Not for a second. I’m going to keep moving, breathing, living, thinking, and writing all year long. I’m going to CONTINUE.