Living Dangerously

by gillis

Once again I’m trying to read the signals the universe is sharing with me, but I’m not meeting with success. Today my email feed was full of promotional junk from a security system, an acne fighting line of products, and a drug rehab center. Apparently something I’ve been doing online has triggered a profile for me that resembles a pockmark faced drug dealer in need of a home alarm. Honestly, it has made me a little depressed. My life just isn’t that exciting. The closest thing I have to an addiction is my retail habit, which consists mainly of consignment store purchases and bargain shopping online for things other than guns and drugs, unless you count the ill-advised MCT Oil purchase, which is technically a food supplement. Still, some algorithm out there has pegged me in a different light. I seem risky and dangerous somehow and now I’d like to live up to that a little. Makes me feel like walking, no running, through a mattress store with a pair of scissors so I can cut off all the Do Not Remove tags.