Another Year Older

by gillis

My son asked me today if, on his fifth birthday, he could have a birthday. He said this after we attended a first birthday party for his second cousin. The party was barnyard-themed complete with a cardboard barn to play in, tractor shaped cookies, and a cake that the folks at Cake Boss would have trouble duplicating. The place was done up in gingham and John Deere green. Guests came in overalls and plaid. Grown up men in overalls. That was the level of buy in going on there.

I tried to explain that he had, in fact, already had four birthdays, that they came (and were acknowledged by this family by the way) yearly, and that he would certainly have one when he turned five. I knew what we wanted. We both knew what he wanted. I was just trying to stave off the begging for a themed party with non-related children in attendance. I shook off his line of questioning and he eventually fell asleep.

His birthday is coming later this spring and he needs to feel celebrated. I don’t want to have his preschool class here for a party so we need to figure out a way to creat an event that satisfies both of our needs. I’m hoping that inviting his two closest classmates, along with cousins, might do the trick. I did throw more elaborate events for his older sister’s birthdays, but at that time I was still in the same age range as the parents of her friends. Much less awkward to have them in the house. There were themes-superhero dress up, rock and roll, luau, pirates. Games to fit the themes- dress up relay, interactive rounds of Clue, and obstacle courses. The cakes were made to look like beaches, guitars, superheroes and pirates. And the goodie bags? Stuffed with thematic toys from Oriental Trading company. I’m exhausted just thinking about it. No way I can do those things again. Maybe a trip to the bowling alley or park? Oh well, there’s still a few weeks left to figure it out.