There’s Always Next Week

by gillis

5 Signs that it’s been a long week and I’ve allowed my standards to drop dangerously low:

1. Yogurt raisins seemed like a perfectly reasonable dinner choice. For me.

2. Spending $20 more on an item so I didn’t have to find a parking spot and walk a block made perfect sense.

3.Unfolded clean clothes left dangerously close to the dirty pile led to sniffing the kids’ clothes before letting them wear anything.

4.Lingering effects from a cold made #3 inconclusive, so several loads of clothing were rewashed.They now sit in a wrinkled pile. Very close to the dirty clothes pile.

5. Letting my kid chew gum after I realized he hadn’t brushed his teeth before we left the house was my best option.

Living one step up from a feral state is a temporary thing.

I tell myself this as I feel the crunch of sand under my feet. In my own kitchen.

I have to believe this. If I thought this would go indefinitely I would run screaming into the traffic.