I Really Wanted to Name Him Mr. Jingles

by gillis

This slice will be short and sweet, just like the newest member of our family. Our months long quest to adopt a dog has a finally come to a happy end!

We drove over winding roads yesterday into Nassau, NY to meet a small, shaky, scruffy little dog of uncertain heritage. He seemed friendly and hypoallergenic enough so we took him with us. I haven’t had a dog since I was a child so it feels like a bit like being a new parent. Watching his every move, listening for him all night long to make sure he’s ok, over feeding and over stimulating him- we are making all the rookie mistakes.

Our eleven year old daughter is completely enamored of him, our three year old son remains noncommittal at best. The only thing they agreed upon is his name, Oscar. Welcome friend, we’ve been hoping you’d arrive.Image