Workshop with a Guru

by gillis

Short slice today, have traveled up to Maine for a workshop with Nancie Atwell today. I love workshops, love professional development days and training sessions (unless they involve slicing and dicing my students into data points.) I drove up here after school yesterday and stayed overnight in a round hotel which looks a little bit like a tall of stack of slide projector trays (Remember those? Why can’t I stop dating myself this week with these references to things from the 70s??) I strolled past the Heinemann display as I was going to get a cup of coffee. There are a lot of shiny books there, I hope I can control my credit card. I wish I had taken a photo of all of the PD books sitting on my shelf left – many unread- to remind me in Glinda-the-good-withc fashion that I already have all the tools and inspiration I need, I just have to use it. That might help stop me (help stop me? yikes.) from making frivolous purchases. We’ll see.

There’s also a sprawling mall complex across the street where I will need to stop to get gifts for my kids before I hit the road again. Somehow I don’t think they will want to read “Lessons That Change Writers” with me as their bedtime story.