So Long Sucker

by gillis

It’s August, the teacher’s month-long Sunday night when you still have the freedom to use the bathroom according to your body’s dictates, but you know it won’t last much longer. It hangs over your head. When August first rolls around, the time for fairy magic thinking is over, my friend. This is not the marathon-running summer when you will lose those 20 pounds. You will also not be renovating the downstairs this summer. No. No you silly, silly fool.

When the glorious summer months stretched out before you, you had some grand dreams, didn’t you? Regular grown up lunches out with friends. Getting to the bottom of that book pile you created back in June. Daytrips to new places. Weekly movies and hikes.  And parties! Remember how you thought you would host parties, plural, with an S? Ha ha! So cute.

No dear, your summer is on the downswing now. You’ve passed the middle age of your summer break. And what do you have to show for it, besides this petite existential crisis? Daily drop offs and picks up to camp and summer jobs? A laundry mountain that conjures up some Greek tragedy every day as it reforms from nothing, waiting for you to scale it once again? Every form of medical appointment under the sun? Multiple trips to brick buildings with forms and papers dribbling from your arms as you rush to keep the house/car/dog/retirement fund/teen’s job legal and up-to-date? Online courses whose deadlines fast approach and dreaded summer work projects now needing to be completed? Yes, all of this and more sweetie, all of this and more.

Summer may be on the downswing, but you don’t need to follow its lead. Like you, your summer is unfolding just as it should be at this time. Soak up the sun while you can, hold your babies, drink the wine, let the dishes pile up, unplug the alarm clock, and enjoy those lovely bathroom breaks.