Where the Magic Happens

by gillis


This is where the magic happens. This is the space where I blow dry all ten strands of hair on my head and sweep the Maybelline Great Lash across my eyelashes in preparation for the daily battle. 

I came home from a conference last month to discover that the wallpaper and sink had been removed from the room where I get ready for work each morning. All of our bathroom supplies now live in part of the kitchen waiting for a renovation to take place. The kitchen sink holds both dish sponges and toothbrushes. Q-tips and cotton balls decorate the counter. It all seems manageable until someone needs a bandaid or an oral thermometer. When these events happen, it’s Code Red time with arms flailing and plastic baggies flying until the needed supply is located and secured. When the emergency subsides, the cabinet drawers are placed neatly back on top of one another once again.

I’m sure this will be a distant memory soon, it had better be soon, but for now I weigh and measure the importance of every grooming act. Is it really necessary to wear makeup today? Will it warm up or can I get away with wearing a hat all day to avoid styling my hair? Is that snag on my fingernail worth sifting through boxes to find the file? 

It’s not pretty, and lately neither am I, but I have faith that one day we will both shine again.