Questions That Arise at 2:33 a.m.

by gillis

What is that noise?

How many ibuprofen can safely be taken for shoulder pain in a 24 hour span?

What is the definition of sleep apnea?

Why are sleep talkers so inarticulate? 

Why are hotel rooms always so hot?

Seriously, what is that noise?

How many other people have slept on this mattress to make it such a concave, taco shaped bed?

How many times must I poke someone before they will roll over and stop snoring?

Will anyone awaken if I program my phone to play white noise?

Why did the marimba tone blast out of my phone instead of the white noise I thought I programmed?

Where did I leave my glasses?

How is it possible to step on a Lego piece here at a hotel?

Did we pack band aids?

For the love of all humanity, what is that incessant noise?