Truth in Advertising

by gillis

I often wish I could do some marketing and branding for the places and things I encounter. My marketing would have the ring of truth to it. For example, I’d let everyone know that tonight I am staying at The Hotel of Lowered Expectations. I know this because the hangers hanging on the clothes bar, which sits out in the open, sans closet doors, are all wire hangers left over from dry cleaning services. The toilet water rises up when you flush it, and that’s just for liquid waste – so far. I am keeping fingers crossed.

Check in was followed by a trip to the grocery store across the street where the only prepared food left to purchase for the evening was The Food of Last Resort. I felt fortunate to pick up The Disappointment Salad comprised of rusty lettuce and puckered, angry-looking, grape tomatoes. I hope I can digest it properly, the toilet is a bit iffy, as noted above.

In the morning I will, no doubt, encounter A Truly Depressing Breakfast Spread with artificial coffee “kreemer” and the like. Until then, I will enjoy what I can of my room and be grateful that I haven’t seen any evidence of bedbugs or other vermin. My expectations can only sink so low.