What So Proudly We’d Hailed

by gillis

She ate her lucky breakfast. She wore her lucky socks. She drank the fortuitous blue Gatorade. She even wore the same warm up pants she had worn during the tough game they won on Friday night. She was all set to play this championship game, still riding high after the team’s semi-final win, with all of her superstitious requirements handled. What she hadn’t counted on was that the PA system would be on the fritz in this school. Or that the tournament insisted The National Anthem be played before any championship game. Nor could she have guessed that her coach would tell the organizers that he, indeed, did have a player who also sang. And that he was sure she would sing the song before her game.

It was not in the plan, but she did it, she sang her best without any warning or any warmup. Then she played in the game. Her team did not win, but she triumphed anyway.