Gifted and Talented

by gillis

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This little ditty hangs on the wall next to my desk at work. The enrichment teacher, a good friend of mine, slipped it to me awhile ago. she may have meant for me to put in with the other witty and sarcastic motivational messages we pass back and forth, but this one spoke to me. I am somewhat fluent in Sarcasm. I live, at least part-time, in Sarcasia, and while it might not work for some, I actually find inspiration within its borders.

When we use sarcasm, I believe it speaks to a deep desire to connect with an ideal. Things don’t live up to our expectations. Often. We are disappointed. Often. What do we do with this disappointment? Do we turn it inward and become depressed? Do we lash out in anger? Do we let it pile on top of all the other frustrations and disappointments until they crush our spirit? Hell, no. We laugh in the face of it. We turn it on itself and we make sense of it the only way that intelligent folks can, we dig our heels in and get witty with it.

It it takes some skill to use sarcasm effectively. One must know one’s audience and be able to gauge the mood of the room. Too sharp and things can get ugly. Too flabby and the groans fill the air. But when you hit it just right, and people nod in that certain way to let you know they’ve got it, it’s highly satisfying. And it beats the hell out of crying. It sure beats the hell out of crying.