Not So Great Woods

by gillis

We drove past the sign for the xfinity center exit. I have no idea what xfinity produces, markets, or gets probable subsidies for, but the company name is vaguely familiar to me so it must be vaguely successful. Successful enough to have the current naming rights to the outdoor concert venue that I remember as Great Woods back in the 80s. The glory days when our waistbands rose nearly as high as our permed hairstyles. The concert hall has had several names since then, and I’d be hard pressed to catch UB40 or The Cure playing there this summer, but still, it rankled me. As if I had the right to be offended by the newest name. As if I had a say in corporate naming of any kind. But still. The greed of it all irked me. If we have to deal with TD Bank North Garden instead of the venerable Boston Garden, or Gillette Stadium, not Foxboro, can’t they leave the smaller concert venues alone? There’s a seasonal, tented hall near the harbor which I mentally call Voldemort because its name is never to be repeated from one summer to the next. Some things should not be so disposable. Some contracts should be long enough to outlive a generation. I hope I never live to see the Red Sox play at Dunkin’ Field…