by gillis

I am tap tap tapping away with my cocktail sausage fingers on my iPhone in order to complete this blog post. It is part of a month long writing challenge that I blog every day during the month of March. Unfortunately this challenge overlaps with travel basketball season, and I am rarely home to settle in and reflect so these posts are inconsistent at best.

This weekend we are traveling to Cape Cod, and our “resort” has a finicky wifi set up so I must use my phone service to write this post. In this room I see not one but two copies of the same art print. They are hung on the same wall separated by a small stand housing a television.

Another quirky perk of this resort is that they consider ping pong tables and arcade games fitness equipment. There are vending machines and a pool, but not restaurant so we went next door to a great British themed pub. On our way to and from the pub, we enjoyed a striking view of a power plant.

Here’s hoping the girls play well and I get some wifi service.