Little Body, Big Mind

by gillis

“Who was the first person born? Was it George Washington?” asks my son from the back seat of the car.

As he asks this, I wonder if someone has been talking about creation stories with him. Is he referring to Adam and Eve? Or perhaps he is thinking about Early Man, something came up at preschool, or on tv with the sitter last week to start him thinking about cave people. Many thoughts race through my head. We are not church-goers so I’m unsure if I should introduce Bible stories. He’s been very concerned with what is real and what is make-believe these days. I’m a bit murky on these thoughts myself. Is God real? Once that can is opened, it’s hard to stuff the contents back in and move along. I may end up in wormhole with my son where the Lego movie and the Bible are confused. Years ago, his sister had trouble keeping Elvis, Jesus, and Martin Luther King, Jr. straight which made for an interesting parent-teacher conference with her kindergarten teacher. After that I began over-explaining things to her until she asked about babies and then proclaimed she would,”never be having children.”

Remembering this, I tell my son, “George Washington wasn’t the first person born, I don’t know who the first person born was, but that’s an interesting question.”

“I just wonder who took care of them,” he says as he looks out the car window.