Brave Enough for Facebook?

by gillis

If you use Facebook, as I do, you start to notice heavily circulating, cyclical postings that can best be described as strange. Some of these make sense, they coincide with current events like elections or news stories. Others have no rhyme or reason to their popularity and I find many of them perplexing. And that’s putting it kindly.

Why would I want to solve a multi-step math problem and write its answer in the comments section of the post? Where did this sudden obsession with order of operations come from? I don’t see how our daily lives are enriched by this mathematical practice. If, on the other hand, people started posting challenges where folks could practice counting the correct change back, that I would support. Wholeheartedly. Please excuse my dear Aunt Sally somewhere else.

And apparently I am not “brave” enough to repost the many posts that come my way to like our troops/homeless animals/differently-abled populations. If I were brave enough, I would post them for a minimum of 10 minutes. And my Facebook friends would think more highly of me, because they are apparently watching to see who reposts. I plead a chronic case of Facebook cowardice. I am too cowardly to hit the button. The same button that does absolutely nothing to enrich the lives of the folks highlighted on these pages. I’m also the one who ignores the posts about loving their parents, children, spouse, and pets. I won’t repost these things. Ever. If you want me to share inappropriate personal information with you online, you need to come here to this blog. I overshare here at least once a week. My kids will probably sue me someday.

I enjoy Facebook. It’s a great way to stay vaguely connected with people who are not in my day-to-day physical life. I enjoy the funny postings and the updates about friends’ lives. I read articles that I find on Facebook and learn about new books, movies, and events. But if you’re looking for someone to hit “like” and wait to see the incredible thing that will happen in 20 seconds, I’m not your girl. And I won’t play Candy Crush with you. I’ll tell the people in my life I love them directly without going through the Facebook network. Excuse me, but I have to go now and post some cute pictures of my dog’s new haircut on my Facebook page.