Time to Reboot the Memory

by gillis

It seems the ole memory chip has popped out once again because I’ve forgotten several key things over the course of the past week.

Today, for instance, I was slated to present some student work at a grade level team meeting. Only I had completely forgotten that it was my turn to do so. Walking to the meeting I encountered the principal who said to me, “Hey Gillis, thanks for presenting at inquiry today,” prompting me to hightail it back to my classroom to grab a stack of student work and scurry back towards the meeting space with a red face and a rapidly beating heart. Never mind that I hadn’t sorted the work or even looked very carefully at it before I had to share it and discuss the thought process behind the assignment. Another shining professional moment.

Even worse, last Friday night I was supposed to take my husband to a concert. Except that I had no idea and instead I was keeping our 3 yr old from plunging to his death on high school gym bleachers as our 11 yr old played in a basketball tournament. I had given my husband the concert tickets as a gift. Cleverly, I didn’t write the event in on our family calendar so as not to spoil the surprise. This would have made sense if he ever actually looked at our family calendar, but he doesn’t, he just asks me each week what we have going on and in turn I sigh out all of events I have painstakingly listed on the calendar. The one that hangs in the kitchen. Across from where he is usually standing when he asks me what we have going on. Even after I gave him these tickets, I neglected to write the concert date in on the calendar. And I certainly didn’t book a sitter for the kids. The day of the concert came and went, but sadly we never went. I only discovered that we had missed it when I saw a review for it online. Duh.

There are so many things I wish I could forget. So many things that take up brain cells that I’d like to unload. Why is it that we cannot go into our psychic hard drives and figure out how to clear out things like the birthdays of boyfriends we had in high school and phone numbers we once had in order to have a bigger workbench for the things we need to remember today? And wouldn’t it be great if we could put unpleasant, shameful memories into giant ziploc storage bags and shelve them to make room for remembering to call people we miss? Ah well, it least my forgetting has given me something to write about today.