It’s Dr. Seuss’ Birthday! Here’s a Tasteless Post to Celebrate!

by gillis

I would not, could not eat Play Dough

I would not, could not, don’t you know?

It’s smelly, salty and full of germs

And sometimes you shape it to look like worms

I would not eat it in a box

I would not eat it with a fox

I would not eat in on a train

Please stop asking, it hurts my brain

Play dough is not food to eat

It’s a modeling compound, not a treat

So when your tummy hurts tonight

Remember how you took a big bite

Chewed it up and swallowed it too

Hoping to make colorful poo

Instead you’ll have a tummy ache

To show for this gustatory mistake

And in your potty you will not see

A rainbow swirl floating in your pee

I will not join you on this quest

Please stop now and let me rest

I would not, could not eat this stuff

I did it once and that’s enough.