Small Pieces of Brain Lint

by gillis

This has been a week of personal growth for me, I’ve learned many new things about myself and the world through which I navigate. I share these here in no particular order.

Sometimes people surprise us and do not vote for insipid people just because they’ve been bombarded with media images of them for months on end, countless images of their smiling family faces forever burrowing into minds like terrible 70s love songs. I’m talking about you Scott Brown. I have done nothing to you in this lifetime to deserve the amount of glossies you’ve filled my mailbox with this year. Receiving three -distinctly different- oversized postcards from you on the same day was over the line, I nearly filed a restraining order. Luckily, I will not have to listen to your flat, Southie-esque accent any longer. Here’s hoping you take a job as a lobbyist (perhaps for the pick up truck industry) and you stay in DC so we are not subjected to seeing your wife deliver the news on local television ever again. Let it be so.

Wearing a mouth guard to bed in order to curtail clenching, grinding, and other forms of dental destruction is far less glamorous than it sounds. There’s really nothing exotic about it, so if you’ve been considering trying it for recreational purposes, I’d advise against it. It may trendy in some circles, but it’s far less sexy than it sounds, and the wearer often sounds a bit like Darth Vader with a head cold which young children do not find comforting during their night terrors. And ps – my teeth are still killing me this morning.

There is nothing wrong with going on a group outing with coworkers for the sole purpose of getting away from your family for a day. Even an outing to a place that specializes in the manufacturing, marketing, and retail sales of candles will have something for you to enjoy. Even if you are the shortest one in the group and therefore must sit in the “way back” of the minivan. You may find joy in the Chocolate Cottage or the Christmas Barn if you give it a try. If all else fails, the restaurant with the organic food produced on the farm located behind the candle shop will delight and surprise you.

Here’s hoping the upcoming week has as many delights and surprises in store…