That Time of Year Again

by gillis

This is the time of year I always feel unsure of how far I can take things before the equilibrium of our family dynamics changes irrevocably. I tend to push it too far sometimes. I’m not always sensitive to the feelings of my loved ones when I become so singleminded. And as my children become older, more savvy and sophisticated, I can’t get away with as much. It’s not as obvious the first few times I cross the line, but after about a week of siphoning off the best Halloween candy from their treat bags, the kids start to notice that something is up. When all they see is a sea of Tootsies and Dots with the occasional lonely, depressing Crunch bar thrown in there, they start to suspect that there’s more at work than just their limited munching taking the treat count down exponentially each day. Sure, I can convince the 3 yr old that he really only had Skittles and candy corn left in there, but the 11 yr old knows better. Much better. She can smell the cheap chocolate hanging in the air,  my feeble attempts to stuff a hummus-laden carrot in my mouth to mask it no longer fool her. Suddenly I see that I should have gathered all of the shreds of candy wrappers, put them in an opaque bag, and thrown them away at school. Will stuffing the wrappers under a wet Pull-Up be enough discouragement for a super sleuth on the candy trail? Or have I gone too far? Time will tell…