Geek Squad Blues

by gillis

Am I the only one who believes that the folks who write the “easy install” guides that come with electronic devices such as Blu-Ray players and software to be installed are the same folks who once ran our “AV” clubs in high school? I can hear them wheeling the film projector down to the physics classroom if I concentrate hard enough. I think of this as I try in vain to follow the directions as they are written or displayed on a screen, but invariably, I fail. I picture someone watching this epic fail from a remote location, snickering by the cool blue glow of their screen as I pepper them with emailed questions about where I went wrong. I want to assure them that I am worthy of their help, not their scorn. That I was nearly one of them back in the day- a close cousin- when I ran the light board backstage. That it’s not my fault the cheerleaders wouldn’t look at them. But I say nothing. I accept their scorn because the geeks really do inherit the earth, and I sigh while I write down the new codes they give me over the phone, and try try again.