Onward, If Not Upward

by gillis

Today I awoke to the dueling sounds of industrial machinery and wildly enthusiastic birdsong. I have never heard birds partying like this before, it’s so aggressive it’s as if they are daring us to try to sleep past 5:00 am. We are living in our July rental home before closing on what I am now calling our “forever house.” This because I don’t plan on moving again until I am removed feet first, or I score a cabaret gig down in Boca when I’m 75.

My previous post details (whines, really) our month spent in the first rental. If you’re the sort who likes to pick at your scabs, you may enjoy reading that post. This post is experimental (read: lower your expectations just as I have) because I am trying to write it on my phone.

This summer has a funny, lurching rhythm to it. When one area of life seems sunny and bright, another one fills up with storm clouds. Happily, the kids are doing really well with all of our transitions. Sleeping together in one room a la Little House on the Prairie is hardest on the grownups, the kids think it’s fun. And since I know it will eventually be in a lovely bed again someday, I think it’s kinda fun too. But I won’t admit that publicly. We are enjoying one another’s company, with occasional departures into sulking or tantrumming, but the kids are often able to pull us out of thise moods. So far, so good.

I’d love to hear from you if you have any good ideas for games that can be played by wide age ranges (3 year old to adult) – tagging games and memory card games are getting old- and/or meals that don’t require cooking since we have no pots, few utensils, and no microwave.