What a Long Strange Trip it’s Been…

by gillis

I hope you didn’t come here expecting a tribute to Jerry Garcia. I know the title to today’s slice is a bit misleading but I wanted to reflect on the month-long challenge and frankly, I don’t think I have an original, creative thought left in my head so I stole that line from The Grateful Dead. If you see me wearing my tie dye shirt, batik skirt, and fringed moccasins later today, please administer CDR therapy to me right away = Current Day Reality therapy. One of two photos of Lady Gaga, along with the text from Rick Santorum’s latest blather, waved briskly under my nose should snap me right back into present day.

As challenging as it has been for me to find time to write this month, I am so glad that I’ve made it through March having written each and every day. While a lot of what I’ve written is, upon reflection, a bit “cringe worthy,” it’s still feels good to have completed the challenge. I now know that I can carve out time to write despite my glamorous, demanding schedule. And apparently I can write without having anything to say on a regular basis as well. Writing these posts each day has made me feel like much less of a fraud in front of my students because I am forever telling them that they don’t need to have huge events or big ideas in order to write, they just have to start and see where the work takes them. Now that I’ve walked the walk, I don’t feel so fraudulent talking the talk.

I will be participating in the Tuesday SOLC work from here on out. I also plan on going back and reading lots of posts that I didn’t have time to delve into during March so I can start to follow some of the bloggers who have been writing all month. I want to thank any and all slicers who have read and commented on these posts. Your words of support, encouragement, and reflection were like sweet, little treasures that I devoured each day. Please know how your comments enriched my month and helped me to grow as a writer and a teacher. I’ll look for you each Tuesday and again next March.