What is the sound of one blogger blogging?

by gillis

So it’s Day 26 of the Slice of Life Challenge and I’m wondering -what happens when the challenge ends? Will my blog be a vernal pool that dries up when the month is over? Or will I figure out a way to keep it alive so that I write on a regular basis? And if it stays alive, what is the sound of one blogger blogging? If a blog falls in the blogosphere and there is no one there to comment, does it make a sound?

I can tell you that shortly after successfully completing the Weight Watchers at Work for 12 weeks last year, my midsection blew back up to its customary Superdome shape within 8 weeks of the program ending. I don’t have a great track record for imposing structure on myself once the structure has been removed. I tried to keep a blog a few years ago but I kept forgetting a.) to write in it b.) to let people know that I had written in it c.) that I wanted people to read what I had written and comment on it, and d.) where the blog was, what it was called, and my username and password for it. Clearly I was not ready to commit to a blog. This challenge has helped me to get into the routine of writing regularly but beyond that, I’m not sure I have a lot of focus for a project like a blog. When I hear about people who have several blogs and I know that they write in them daily, I’m amazed. I understand parts of it – a professional space to write about teaching and learning and a personal blog to write the rest of it – but I can’t imagine maintaining and writing more than one blog regularly. It’s like bigamy of the mind, and frankly one marriage is more than I can handle some days.

I think my charge this week is to (and this may call for some courage in a bottle) read through my posts and see if a pattern emerges. I think I’ll find most of the posts have been pretty light-hearted but I wonder if that’s just because the audience is largely unknown to me and I don’t want to offend anyone. Maybe as I look further into things I’ll see what this blog wants to be when it grows up. And if not, maybe it’s okay for the blog to be a Brigadoon of sorts. Lots of things should go away after they serve their purpose (no, I’m not talking to you this time honey). It might be fun to have a March blog to look forward to without the pressure to keep it going all year.

What are your thoughts about this challenge? Was the SOLC challenge your first blog attempt? Will you continue to write in your blog? Are you a bigamist blogger? And if you have one of those attractive blogs with photos and quotes floating around it, do you tend to take better care of it and nurture it? I’d love to hear about how others will go forward in the great blogosphere come April 1st.