Here Comes the Weekend

by gillis

Friday. Blank slate of a weekend. Just gotta push through today’s round of standardized testing and dress code violations to get there.

If I could do anything I want to do this weekend I would:

– go on a family hike

– meet galpals for coffee

– go to see The Hunger Games movie, preferably alone so I could absorb it as I wish

– get a pedicure

– read The Borrower, Ashes,Ashes, and that other book sitting on my school desk whose title currently escapes me

– walk for over an hour by myself on both Saturday and Sunday


What I will probably do:

– take some short family walks in the neighborhood

– drive my daughter to no fewer than 5 places for social and/or sports related reasons

– make 7-8 meals and clean up their remains

– watch the DVD of The Land Before Time 3-4 times

– do 7-8 loads of laundry

– visit my father in the VA rehab

– write checks for the things that keep us going

– clean the bathrooms

– plan lessons for next week

– write 2 blog posts

– be very very thankful that I am so blessed