Comfort, Promise and Cleanliness

by gillis

It’s a remarkably lovely pre-spring day today here in western Massachusetts. I’ve taken my Claritin and will be heading out for an afternoon of yard work and perhaps some piracies worthy of e e cummings with the kiddoes. It’s this renewing kind of day that makes me think I may just make it through the school year without committing a contractual infraction in a moment of desperation after all. That cleaning the house for potential buyers to view it tomorrow night may not be a completely vain pursuit. That I may yet zip up a pair of chinos without gasping and gagging later this spring. That perhaps I should rethink my tradition of not shaving my legs between Halloween and Easter (too much information?). We all need these soul-cleansing days once in awhile and I am ever so grateful that this one has landed on my doorstep just when I needed its comfort and promise.