Give me back that hour!

by gillis

Tick tock, change the clock. I don’t like it when we lose an hour. 60 minutes of lost opportunity. Oh the things I could have done with that missing hour…

I could have cleaned out the cabinets underneath the bathroom sink, found the expensive tweezers the woman at the cosmetics store talked me into buying, and actually tweezed both my eyebrows in one sitting so that  the follicle ratios matched on both eye for once. I think my family and friends would appreciate being able to look at both my eyes at the same time without mentally referencing Picasso.

I could have done the full version of the dvd Zumba workout and learned all of the hottest Latin dance exercises from 2005 in their entirety so that I could bust a move the next time I’m invited to an occasion that would involve people exercising together. Maybe I would finally learn the secret moves that involve the funny little weights that came along with the dvd once and for all since I purchased it at a tag sale and am missing what seem to be key vital pieces to the Zumba puzzle.

I could have broken out the ebelskivver pan and made some delicious filled pancakes for the family. Ok, even I know that I would not have done that with the hour that was stolen from me today. However, I could have read through the instructional information about how to make ebelskivvers and planned for some theoretical day in the future when I will rise and shine and give my family the glory of filled pancakes that look suspiciously like dessert pastries.

Actually, I’d really just like another hour of sweet, delicious sleep. Even if it means my eyebrows remain asymmetrical, my midsection jiggles for all the wrong reasons, and my kids eat cereal out of a box once again, I’d like to be snoozing away right now…