Gus Goes to School

by gillis

Yesterday my son started at preschool/daycare. He is just 2 years, 9 months, and solidly in diapers. He’s a chatty little man, but yesterday he was apparently mute.He created a macaroni painting, played with trucks and dinosaurs, sat for story time, held hands with a buddy as they headed to the playground and back, ate family style snacks and later his big boy lunch from his new lunch bag, brushed his teeth, napped, and did some yoga in complete silence.

At circle time, he did not say his name into the plastic, echoing microphone. He would not name something that was green. Nor would he ask anyone for help all day. The teachers kept up a one-sided, running commentary with him. He stared at them out of the corner of his eye. He would not acknowledge that he knew anyone’s name.

But when Annie read a story to the group, he scooted over to see the pictures more clearly. When she read something funny, he tapped his foot on top of her foot. When she looked down at him in surprise, he smiled and looked away quickly. Then he continued to act like a seventh grade boy with a crush and completely ignored her for the remainder of the day.

After school, I found him playing with trucks next to another boy. We gathered his belongings, and he would not speak to me. I peppered him with questions about his day. I got him into the car.

He spoke for 20 minutes straight.