Saturday Morning Slowdown

by gillis

It’s Saturday morning, before basketball games at the community center, but after the first diaper change. The television is on and there’s a sense of the Wild West about the morning because the kids can generally watch whatever they want to take in on Saturday morning. They know the rules are sort of suspended on Saturday morning while I fill myself with caffeine and imagine the possibilities for the day. I read the world’s skimpiest daily newspaper and catch some of the cartoonage playing out on the screen. I will myself to keep my mouth closed, my daughter has heard it all before – again and again – who writes this stuff? Let me see if I understand this, a boy lives with a grumpy, old sailor inside a whale’s mouth where they both work at conquering their addiction to candy? I suppose it’s not any more offensive or bizarre than any of the live action shows where the children are made up to look like 25 year olds, the world is populated with mean girls and stupid boys, and their parents are either absent or completely incompetent so the children fend for themselves in questionable ways. I’m a little nostalgic for the days of watching cartoon animals beat stars and swirls out of each other. Of course, some of the shows are quite clever, I do love watching the secret agent platypus outwit his nemesis while the human family goes through the same story arc with different components each time. The dialogue is snappy and the interlocking stories are thoughtful and humorous. I think I may enjoy that show more than anyone else in the house. Ah well, Saturday morning we all loosen the corset a  little bit and gear up for the activities to come. One more cuppa coffee and we’ll be on our way into the day.