Snowy first slice

by gillis

It’s March 1st, and we finally have our first Snow Day of the season. It’s been a strange winter with very little snow and we’d resigned ourselves to seeing patchy, brown lawns and to skiing on man-made snow all season. Snow Day is a rich little gem of a phrase, filled with the endless possibilities of a day off from school. A free, unexpected day without any obligations or expectations. In my mind’s eye, I see a day filled with warm beverages, reading, napping, and writing. In reality, I smell the laundry piled up, note the stack of student work to assess, the driveway to shovel and, oh yes, the care and feeding of the delightful flannel clad creatures who inhabit this place with me. I remain hopeful that I can sneak in a nap, although I may need to do it in the laundry room between the piles (clean, preferably) if I want to be sure no one will catch me. They certainly never go willingly in there…